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Technology and SaaS companies are experiencing radical change as more and more developers and competitors enter the market.

In the last decade, SaaS and technology companies represented the largest growth of the S&P (as of 2020) and are on pace to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% over the next five-year period. As smaller technology companies enter the space, sophisticated buyers have become more discerning in selecting technology partners, applying price pressure with the expectation of high-quality output.

With changes in the competitive landscape and how consumers and the developing world continue to move online, the industry has had to keep pace to become more efficient while improving quality to stay ahead of competition. This has required careful attention to agreements, unit costs, and budgets.

Proven Tax Strategies for SaaS Businesses

Our team at Tax Hack Accounting are specialists in reducing tax liability for SaaS companies. There are a variety of strategies we can help you implement to help boost your bottom line. One such strategy would be making use of Qualified Research Expenses (QREs). These can be used to offset payroll taxes on wages up to $250,000. Other strategies include deducting the costs of new hardware or deducting startup costs ($50,000) in your first year of business. Reach out to our team for a closer look at what opportunities are available for your business.

Most SaaS Businesses Can Take Advantage of the R&D Tax Credit

The R&D Tax Credit has always been a natural fit within the financial strategy of SaaS companies given that SaaS products are ever-evolving entities. For every activity that involves developing software, operating systems, databases, management systems, hardware integrations, or the like, there is an opportunity to reduce tax liability. Specific investments made in developing your software should be carefully documented. Accurate bookkeeping ensures that all qualifying costs, such as employee wages, materials, and third-party contractor expenses, are properly accounted for and can be substantiated when claiming the credit.

Accounting for SaaS Via Cutting-Edge Tools

Keeping pace with our clients dynamic needs is no easy task. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted a suite of cutting-edge tools and metrics designed to empower tech companies. These resources enable you to gauge your progress against self-established goals and benchmark your performance against industry standards.

To ensure we stay ahead of the curve with our clients, we’ve introduced an advisory program dedicated to delivering a superior client experience consistently. Our time-tested method for achieving a successful On-Ramp encompasses:

  • Prior Year Tax Return Review Covering Missed Strategy and Deductions
  • QuickBooks, Xero, Accounting Systems Diagnostic 
  • Financial Projections & Tax Liability 
  • Tax Credits Analysis 
  • Entity Considerations, Structuring Optimization, and Tax-Optimal Buy-Sell Agreement 

Our team of SaaS accountants focuses on so much more than just tax return filings. We find solutions to help tech companies achieve their financial goals. Join our On-Ramp program for a taste of what we have to offer.

On-Ramp for Business


tax form


Business and entrepreneur tax returns and compliance 

Quarterly estimated taxes

Tax credit analysis

IRS controversy correspondence, representation, and audit defense



Financial reviews and bookkeeping* 

Quickbooks or Xero accounting diagnostic

Chart of accounts

Key Performance indicators benchmarking

tax automation

Financial Systems

Systems integration and automation 

Accounting software implementation

R&D and Work Opportunity tax credit tracking automation

Accounting system integration


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