Personal tax compliance including

Tax return preparation

Audits and correspondence with IRS

Requests for 1099 and W2 transcripts


Personal finance planning including

Bank account and credit card budget automation

Retirement saving allocation and account set up (IRA accounts)

Calculations providing the dollar amount to put away for taxes


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Business and entrepreneur tax compliance including

Business tax returns & quarterly estimates

Sales tax analysis and compliance

IRS controversy correspondence, representation, and audit defense

Entity selection (LLC, S-Corporation, and Partnerships)

Tax-savings planning


Financial systems integration including

Expense and invoicing automation

Sales tax analysis

Point-of-sale and accounting integration

Review of books and records and bookkeeping

Financial Systems Integration

Systems integration and automation including

Accounting software implementation bookkeeping, account review, and category set up personal vs. business accounting analysis


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Downloadable Content

Personal Tax Calculator


Tax & Accounting Calendar


Sales Tax Checklist


Our community stories: the Creative Startup

Phalista hated going to her traditional tax preparer in Columbus, Ohio. She would have to physically bring in her documents and the preparer wouldn’t look at them for weeks!

With Tax Hack, she was able to have all the benefits of a streamlined online service: fast, hands-off, and effective. By providing her financial data to her tax pro, Tax Hack was able to prepare her profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and tax return, all within one week.