Digital Marketing Tax and Accounting

Digital Marketing Agencies are experiencing radical change. As more and more competitors enter the market, agencies are constantly pushed to innovate their client experience and technology.

As certain marketing services have become comoditized, more and more agencies have moved to leveraging technology to track and optimize performance. In the last five-year period, business owners have invested significantly in in technology and people to keep up with demand and offer technology-based solutions. While this remains a successful formula for growth, this trend often leads business owners wondering if they’re acheiving the right kind of growth, what their ROI is (and should be), and whether there are tax or financial strategies available to them that may help keep cash in the business.

That is why we’ve developed tools and metrics that help agencies understand their own progress against goals and how they measure up to the rest of the industry. To keep up with our clients, we are constantly improving our proven method for providing a first-rate client experience:

  • Prior Year Tax Return Review Covering Missed Strategy and Deductions
  • Quickbooks, Xero, Accounting Systems Diagnostic 
  • Financial Projections & Tax Liability 
  • Tax Credits Analysis 
  • Entity Considerations, Structuring Optimization, and Tax-Optimal Buy-Sell Agreement 

Our focuse is well beyond tax return filings, as we find agencies are looking for a partner who can constantly deliver more. And that’s just what we do in our On-Ramp program.

On-Ramp for Business



Business and entrepreneur tax returns and compliance 

Quarterly estimated taxes

Tax credit analysis

IRS controversy correspondence, representation, and audit defense



Financial reviews and bookkeeping 

Quickbooks or Xero accounting diagnostic

Chart of accounts

Key Performance indicators benchmarking

Financial Systems

Systems integration and automation 

Accounting software implementation

R&D and Work Opportunity tax credit tracking automation

Accounting system integration


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Why Do I Need A Strategic Tax & Accounting Advisor?


Avoid Unnecessary Penalties

Software products don’t fight penalties or take little-known deductions. We do.

Deliverables and Strategy Focused

We make sure that our advisors are aware and transparent about the goals for each client.

Live & Ongoing Strategy

We provide “live” advice that ensures you take action to realize available savings before the ink “dries” on your financials.


Our tax experts know how the IRS works and how to save $1,000’s in tax without raising red flags.