About Us

Tax Hack Accounting Group is a tax and accounting firm focused on internet businesses. Our mission is to provide a first-rate client experience by delivering the best tax advice and tax savings available to your business. 

As a fast-growing tax company ourselves, we understand the challenges your business faces. By working with us, we at least make the tax and accounting easier.

We focus heavily on delivering a seamless experience: our workflow technology keeps your data safe, up-to-date on all deadlines, and on track with federal and state requirements.


What do tax geeks, surfers, and coders 
all have in common?


We all pay taxes.


At Tax Hack we’re a team that’s committed to changing how we think about and approach our personal and business finances.


Whether you’re a business owner or a busy professional, we work to help you save time and money when it comes to recording and paying taxes.


Preview our on-boarding process by selecting “Get Started” below for free. If you’re not convinced on our workflow after getting started, we’ll refund your deposit and buy you a copy of the tax or accounting software of your choosing.  No hassle, 100% guaranteed.

Who We Are

Miguel Alexander Centeno

Managing Partner 

After six years at consulting Fortune 500 companies with tax giant PwC, Miguel left management at the “Big Four” with one goal: to make taxes easier. Since starting Tax Hack, he has built a team fully focused on educating clients through a seamless tax preparation and consulting experience.

Miguel is designated by the Internal Revenue Service to represents taxpayers in all matters before the IRS and in the United States Tax Court. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and MSNBC on tax and has testified before the U.S. Congress on tax reform as an expert witness.

When not working with his VIP clients, Miguel is trying to keep up with his 12-year-old son’s soccer games and his 9-year-old daughter’s gymnastics meets (where he can be seen secretly reading tax publications).



Karin Gastelum

Senior Manager 

Karin is an experienced accounting professional and specializes in small businesses tax preparation. He also advises clients on payroll, internal controls, and other matters. He is experienced in Quickbooks, Xero, and Wave accounting systems and manages a broad portfolio of clients in the manufacturing, eCommerce, and wholesale industries.

Kym Brake

Tax & Bookkeeping Manager

Kym is an Enrolled Agent based in Orange County, CA with over 15 years of accounting experience. She has her Bachelors of Art in Accounting from California State University Fullerton holds a Masters in Legal Tax Studies from the University of San Francisco. Kym has experience in working with large-scale manufacturers, online sellers, and small businesses and has held positions at several premier tax and accounting firms. Kym is a proud mother – caring for her special needs daughter – and gives back an incredible amount of time to causes she truly believes in.


Estefania Ortiz

Tax & Accounting Product Engineer 

Estefania is a Puerto Rican native with a Computer Science degree from Stanford University. She has years of experience in Silicon Valley and has built products that went on to get investment from accelerators and venture capitalists. With Tax Hack, Estefania is developing tools and systems to facilitate a first-rate tax preparation and accounting experience. When she’s not coding, she loves to read fiction thrillers, dance salsa, and travel to the world’s best beaches.

Karla Guardado

Senior Tax Associate

Karla is a graduate of California State University Los Angeles and holds a degree in Accounting. With hundreds of tax returns under her belt, she is an experience tax preparation professional, specializing in business and executive tax returns. After starting with Tax Hack in 2016, she hasn’t looked back: finding genuine passion for maximizing client deductions and creating tax-strategy for those who need it most.

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