About Us

Tax Hack Accounting Group is a tax advisory firm focused on internet, software, and e-commerce businesses.

Our mission is to provide a first-rate client experience by delivering the best tax advice and tax savings available to your business.

As a fast-growing tax company ourselves, we understand the challenges your business faces. By working with us, you can expect us to help organize your compliance so you can move to more strategic and planning-level items that have 10X+ returns.

We focus heavily on delivering a seamless experience: our workflow keeps your data safe via our client portal, up to date on all deadlines through quarterly meetings, and on track with federal and state requirements.


What do tax geeks, surfers, and code heads 
all have in common?


We all pay taxes.


At Tax Hack, we’re a team that’s committed to changing how we think about and approach our personal and business financials.


In a recent client survey, business owners and investors shared that on average 72% of them felt they were “Significantly Compliance Focused.” While compliance is critical to any finance team, we aim to move our C-suite counterparts, controllers, and operators to a forward-thinking approach, identifying key goals in the business, processes, and financial targets that provide key insights into the “black box” of accounting, tax, and treasury.

Who We Are

Miguel Alexander Centeno

Managing Partner, Founder of Tax Hack

After six years as a tax consultant at accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, Miguel left management at the Big Four for more entrepreneurial pursuits with the goal of providing problem-solving approaches to smaller but just as passionate businesses.

Miguel is licensed to represent taxpayers in all matters before the IRS, including the U.S. Tax Court. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and MSNBC on tax related articles and has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives. He is an active blogger on financial, economic and tax issues and heads up several mastermind groups on business strategy.

When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, traveling the world, and finding new Austin BBQ spots.


Ashton Chanana

Ashton Chanana

Director, Business Strategy & Advisory; Tax Credits & Incentives

Ashton is a former industry veteran having worked at large-scale SaaS companies and digital marketing agencies over a 10+ year career. He is an alumnus of the University of Miami and holds an MBA from Hult Business School, having attended both Shanghai and London campuses.

Ashton manages the Firm’s Strategy & Advisory practice (which includes the On-Ramp and VIP Monthly programs) as well as the Tax Credits & Incentives line of services (R&D tax credit). As a line of service manager, he oversees the Pacific Southwest Region and serves on the Firm’s Executive Council and Leadership Team.

An avid traveler, Ashton has visited more than 15 countries and is passionate about building wealth through real estate, which offers significant tax-savings strategies.


Karla Guardado

Director of Bookkeeping

Karla is a graduate of California State University Los Angeles and holds a degree in Accounting. Karla’s career has spanned small firms serving small business owners. Clients consistently share their appreciation for her diligence and care.

After starting with Tax Hack in 2016, she hasn’t looked back, finding a genuine passion for maximizing client deductions. Based in Los Angeles, Karla enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not at work.


Tina Hope

Tina Hope

Bookkeeping Manager

Tina hails from the beautiful island of Barbados that has produced stars like Rhianna and Adrian Holmes, and for many of her clients, she is considered their “star” accounting/bookkeeping guru. Tina holds a degree in accounting, and she has in-depth knowledge and experience with the most popular cloud-based accounting programs, including QuickBooks (both online and desktop), Xero, Wave, and FreshBooks. Her ability to quickly assess and respond to client needs is legendary around the office.


Lucy Orozco Lucas

Lucy Orozco Lucas

Marketing Associate

Lucy is a Business Administrator with a Masters Degree in Management and Marketing. She’s currently based in the beautiful city of Puebla, Mexico. With more than 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, she’s very passionate about her work. Throughout her career, Lucy has delivered big wins for many different businesses. She also has a passion for learning and staying ahead of the latest marketing trends and strategies, especially in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape that is shaping the way businesses connect with their target audiences.

Lucy ensures the success of the team while creating a winning strategy for the organization. Her mission is to create a strong and positive energy around the company brands and grow the audience in an impactful and ethical way. Lucy assists in planning and implementing marketing activities that help the company reach its revenue goals.

When not working, Lucy enjoys spending quality time with her family and doing outdoor activities.


Geraldine Florida

Geraldine Florida

Operations Administrator – Supporting Specialty Tax Practice

Geraldine is an Operations Administrator dedicated to elevating the efficiency and success of the Specialty Tax Practice.

Formerly in the Customer Service field for more than 5 years, Geraldine brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her expertise includes successfully handling diverse client interactions and contributing her skills to enhance operational efficiency. Having studied Information Technology, Geraldine’s educational background adds a tech-savvy edge to her professional toolkit.

After serving as a State Supervisor in a trucking company, Geraldine decided to bring her talents to Tax Hack Accounting Group. In her role as Operations Administrator, she plays a pivotal role in supporting the Specialty Tax Practice Team. With a focus on client satisfaction and operational excellence, Geraldine fosters a proactive relationship between clients and the delivery team.

Outside the hustle and bustle of work, Geraldine finds solace in the great outdoors. Her love for traveling and immersing herself in nature is her way of unwinding.


Christian Gibran Escalera Peyrot

Christian Gibran Escalera Peyrot

Bookkeeping Lead Senior Associate

Christian is an accountant from Mexico City. He studied at UNAM and has six years of experience working with clients from across the United States. He loves to interact with clients and he’s very passionate about the services he provides to them. He ensures success for his clients by taking care of their accounting as if it were his own. He works with monthly clients and he is the main point of contact for the team queries and the client queries, finding the perfect solution and balance for both parties.

When he is not working, he is probably trying a new recipe he saw on the internet, spending time with his dogs, or playing video games.


Evangelina Gutierrez Escalante

Evangelina Gutierrez Escalante

Tax Senior Associate

Evangelina earned her Bachelor of Science in Financial Management from Monterrey Institute of Technology. She studied abroad in Spain, complementing her studies with a degree in Accounting and Finance by Cadiz University. She continues to stay abreast of the latest developments in tax legislation and maintains a commitment to professional growth through ongoing education and training.

Her proficiency in tax law, attention to detail, and analytical skills have been instrumental in delivering comprehensive and strategic tax solutions for clients. Evangelina has a proven track record of optimizing tax structures to minimize liabilities while ensuring compliance with ever-evolving tax regulations. She serves a diverse portfolio of clients, including individuals, corporations, partnerships and non-profits.

Outside of her professional commitments, Evangelina enjoys spending time with her family on their ranch, riding her horse and enjoying all the good things that nature brings.

mike tripp staff

Michael Tripp

Director of Tax 

Michael is an Enrolled Agent with over 10 years of experience working with small business owners with expertise in Partnership and S-Corporation issues. He has worked with clients in many different industries, including real estate, technology, and online businesses. As an Enrolled Agent, Michael has the highest credential the IRS awards and has unlimited practice rights before the IRS to represent clients in any and all controversial matters.

When Michael is not working on taxes, he enjoys playing with his kids and enjoying the outdoors.


Leiah Shamblin

Leiah Shamblin

Company Finances & Human Resources

Leiah brings over 15 years of administrative experience to our organization with extensive experience in supporting mid and senior-level managers. She helps maintain the workflow of the office by ensuring systems are in place and running appropriately and she specializes in invoicing, client relations, and human resources.

Leiah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Law from Kennesaw State University. She is also a licensed real estate agent and transaction coordinator in sunny Florida.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her son playing video games, camping, and going to amusement parks.


Thao Vo

Thao Vo

Associate – Tax and Bookkeeping

With her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Thao has 10 years of experience in bookkeeping and generating financial statements. She specializes in integrating applications with cloud-based accounting systems, Xero and QuickBooks Online, to minimize data entry, which speeds up time preparing reports and minimizing human error.

In 2019, Thao received her California Registered Tax Preparer license and has been an integral part of My Tax Hack.

When she’s not playing with her toddler, she loves reading fiction books and playing role-playing video games.


Mylene Bandolin

Mylene Bandolin

Virtual Administrator Associate – Sales

Mylene has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing Management. She has three years of experience in the customer service industry as a Senior Officer where she interacted with diverse individuals, extending assistance as needed. She also enjoys the privilege of guiding and training new team members. Throughout her journey, she has embraced the vital principles of teamwork, dedication, goal-oriented focus, and astute time management.

As a Virtual Administrator Associate, she handles calendar requests, scheduling, email organization for the team, report generation, and data entry.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys traveling to the mountains and beaches to relax and reduce stress.


Renee Sobaram

Renee Sobaram

Client Success and Account Manager

Renee, based in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, is a dedicated professional with a passion for fostering success. Armed with a B.S. in Communications from the University of Miami, Renee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a Client Success Manager.

With over 3 years in the field, Renee has become a trusted advocate for her clients, helping them navigate and achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Her commitment to building lasting relationships is evident in her approach – clients can always rely on her as a resource for any questions or concerns they may have.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Renee finds joy in maintaining an active lifestyle. Whether hitting the gym for a workout session or spending quality time with friends and family, she embraces a balanced and fulfilling life. Renee’s adventurous spirit has taken her to various states and countries, enriching her perspective and creating cherished memories along the way.In the ever-evolving landscape of client success, Renee stands out as a beacon of dedication, embodying the values of trust, reliability, and a genuine commitment to helping others thrive.


Anna Lam

Anna Lam

Associate Bookkeeper

Anna, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is an associate bookkeeper on the Bookkeeping team. With her bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking, she has 5 years of experience in bookkeeping and working in accounting systems such as Xero and QuickBooks Online.

She is responsible for recording and maintaining a business’ financials. Outside of work, she loves playing with her dogs and traveling.


Nhi Luong

Nhi Luong

Junior Associate

Nhi Luong is a Junior Associate from Vietnam. She received her Bachelor’s Certificate in Accounting in 2015.

She has five years of experience as a bookkeeper. She has worked with various accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks (Online & Desktop), and MYOB. In her current role, she supports tax professionals in preparing PTRs, contacting clients to request information and completing admin work to maintain the workflow.

Outside of working hours, she enjoys spending time with her toddler and traveling to beautiful places.


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