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Why Tax Hack

Diagnostic Approach

analyze data

We begin to understand your business and industry as well as structure, history, and objectives and take the time to evaluate opportunity and risks



We develop a customized strategic plan to lower your tax liability and maximize cash specific to your stage of business and industry


app and business creation

We’ll find a way to maximize your tax savings by putting your plan in action


Minimize Your Tax Liability Now

Improvements you can measure in cash flow and time



average tax credit findings


success rate over 5 years when businesses have a trusted advisor


annual target cash savings from personal strategy planning


“The Tax Hack team is great to work with. They are very communicative and keep us abreast well along the way. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a responsive and hands-on tax group.”

Martin Pederson, CEO – Stellar Agency

“Tax Hack’s virtual offering gave me my time back to focus on driving sales. Miguel’s tax experience shows in how he works with business owners.”

Gilmar A., Founder – MABLE Brush

“I am a big fan of Ashton and the team at Tax Hack who have helped us in a number of ways. It all starts with their wise and valuable advice based on their experience working at large firms which they apply to our growing agency context. Specifically, they have helped us by lower our tax bill, changed our perspective on the use of tax credits and cleaned up some of our accounting practices.”

David Spitzer, CEO – Upper Diamond

"Tax Hack helped me save over $30k on my company taxes with an R&D Credit. It was easy, seamless, and they were awesome to work with. Highly recommended."

Alex Proano, Founder - Hype Media Group

"Their team is sharp and knows advanced tax strategies that many accounting groups / CPAs do not."

Nick Verity

“A very personal, quick, and caring service. Miguel was very focused on understanding my personal and business goals before even starting. He truly cares about your business and organizing tax and finances along the way. I’m very happy to let Miguel and his team handle all my accounting and tax needs.”

Nathania Stambouli, Owner – Flowtastic Yoga

“Great team of guys to work with us and help us with our tax compliance needs! Thanks Miguel for all your help.”

David Kang

David Kang, Director of Finance

"Ashton and Miguel have been amazing to work with. They are both incredibly knowledgeable at taxes. I appreciate that they are always looking out for my company and bringing new ideas and information my way. I highly recommend working with them."

Joel Brda, CEO - Human Marketing

"As someone who has not worked in Finance, partnering with Tax Hack has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. We’ve seen insane financial growth over the past couple of years and the advice, help and support we’ve received from Tax Hack has been amazing. Their pricing is very reasonable and the team truly feels like a part of my own organization. I’ve shot Miguel, Ashton and Tina random finance questions and they are always responsive and ready to help us navigate through areas that I am unfamiliar with. They are a very nimble company, which has greatly benefited my business. I 100% trust that they always have my business and growth goals in mind when providing feedback and recommendations. It is a pleasure working with them."

Daniel Larkman

Daniel Larkman

Enterprise Tax Accountants + R&D Tax Services

At My Tax Hack, our team provides tax advisory services and accounting for businesses of all sizes. With years of experience working alongside Fortune 500 companies, we offer specialty R&D tax services for businesses looking to remain compliant while optimizing their tax benefits. With a keen focus on measurable results and continuous support, we are dedicated to empowering businesses across diverse industries, from e-commerce and software-as-a-service to manufacturing, marketing technology, and beyond. Whether you’re an e-commerce business navigating the complexities of sales taxes or you are a self-employed business person looking to reduce your tax liability, we have the right solutions for you.

Industries Served





saas application

Software as a Service


iot database

Dev Ops



custom product IoT

Manufacturing and IoT


marketing target

Marketing Technology and Advertising


IT and finance consulting

Other Services (Architecture, Learning Design, Consulting)


Why Us



With over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 businesses, we’ve handled audits with over $1,000,000 in proposed adjustments. Our advisors are former Big-4 consultants and apply innovative tax and advisory strategies to businesses of all sizes. We leverage our experience to generate specific results for our clients that solve compliance and planning.

business success


You cannot improve what you do not measure. While tax preparation is the most utilized service by business owners, it is far less important than monitoring key performance indicators and current financial data throughout the year. Our On-Ramp programs facilitate ongoing advice and strategy, seeking credits, reimbursement, and deduction opportunities.


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